Employment VISA health checkup

At Gil Hospital, We have Medical Health Checkups to cater to your needs.

Other Employment Visa
You need to submit a medical report (issued by Public hospital, General Hospital in Korea) in order for alien registration card application or visa renewal.

There are two kinds of medical reports offered:
1. General Report (eg. English teacher employed by English Academy)
2. Public Officials Report (eg. English teacher employed by School)
Please confirm prior which form is required for your organization.
Basic test
- Consultation with doctor for checking one's medical history
- Chest X-ray
- Urine test
- Blood test (Anemia, Liver Function, Blood Sugar Lever, Cholesterol Level, Blood type check)
- Weight
- Height
- Dental test
- Eye-sight test
- Blood Pressure test, etc.

※ Compulsory Test

Drug Test
- Heroin,
- Methamphetamine,
- Amphetamine,
- Marijuana,
- Cocaine,
- Opium,
- TBPE(Tetrabromphenalphthalein ethyl ester potassium salt) Test
- Cannabinoid Test
HIV Test

Medical Reports (Both Reports includes Basic, Drug Tests, HIV Test ) :

1. General Report - Antibodies test for Hepatitis Type B will be added
2. Public officials form - Syphilis test will be added (2 ID photos required) Test results will be released after 2 business days.
(eg. if the test was conducted on Wednesday, you will receive your results on Friday after 3PM.)
If you cannot receive your test results in person,
1. you can fill out the substitute application form and have your substitute to bring the form when he/she visited the hospital.
2. We can mail it to you via general mail free of charge.
We can mail it to you via registered mail and the cost of KRW2,600 will be liable to you.
General report 100,000 won.
* If you require a re-print of your medical report, 3000 won will be charged.
Please do not intake food at least 8 hours prior to the test day.
Opening Hours for the Medical Health Check Department :
Morning Session 9AM ~ 11:00PM / Afternoon Session 1:30PM ~ 4:00PM (Monday ~ Friday ONLY)