Rated as #1 Emergency Medical Center by National Evaluation


Reached 1,000 Cooperation Hospitals by Gil Referral Center

1 Year Anniversary Symposium for A.I. Watson for Oncology Center

Designated as Excellent Hospital Serving Foreign Patients by Ministry of Health

Reached 400 Overseas Children for Free Heart Surgery

Opening of Peritoneal Surface Malignancy & Recurrent Cancer Clinic
Introduction of Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy HIPEC procedure

Successful Pilot Project with Peru for Cooperative Telemedicine Consultation, Especially for Area with
Medical Vulnerability

Rated as #1 for Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by National Evaluation


Opening of A.I. Cancer Center

Opening of Gachon Brain Valley

Awarded a contract for PET-MRI Commercialization & 11.7T MRI Magnet

Opening of Gachon Brain Health Center


Introduction of Scopis navigation system for Otorhinolaryngology department

Established clinical research data warehouse (CRDW) for big data analysis platform


Designated as R&D project institution for research-centered hospital development

Primary hospital for athletes village for 2014 Incheon Asian Games

Reached 100 performances of Endoscopic Retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

Introduction of Rapid arc, respiration synchronized

Opening of nationally designated regional trauma center


Metropolitan Dementia Center, designated by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

Dental clinic center for the disabled, designated by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

Research-centered hospital, designated by government

No.1 grade in coronary artery bypass graft surgery evaluation, only one in Incheon

Reached 300 children for free heart surgery of children from developing countries


Successful treatment for hypertension, by blocking kidney nerve

Designated as excellent hospital for treating liver cancer, stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer by National Health Insurance Assessment Service

Westcoast regional emergency medical center rated at the top for 10 consecutive years

Received No.1 grade in acute stroke and myocardial infarction intervention evaluation from National Health Insurance Assessment Service (only in Kyungin Region)


Introduced Air Ambulance Helicopter service since September.

Gachon University newly launched after mergence of Kyungwon University and Gachon University School of Medicine.

Opened Pediatric Emergency Department.

Opened Cancer Center.


Gachon Brain Health Center was accredited by JCI(not currently accredited).


Introduced state-of-the-art radiation system for cancer therapy, Novalis TX, for the first in Korea


Introduced the latest digital mammography system

Consecutively succeeded 25 cases of liver transplantation


Introduced 64 slice MDCT which even allows imaging moving organs.


Introduced and adapted a new therapy for spinal disorder (lumbar spinal stenosis, spinal instability)- Interspinous-U.

Succeeded the 1st artificial cervical disc replacement surgery in the Gyeong-In area.

Succeeded removal of renal calculus with a single operation by using angiography Korea’s first laparoscopic urinary surgery with minimal scarring.


Exceeded 10,000 cases of echocardiography for adults on an annual basis Introduced and succeeded in replacement surgery of Prosthetic Disc Nucleus (PDN)


Introduction of artificial disc replacement by the neurosurgery department

The latest cardiovascular operation cases completed at the Heart Center including Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) and directional coronary atherectomy, etc.


The first Korea’s successful new and non-invasive surgery for urinary diseases including urinary stone, congenital ureter stenosis, etc.

Developed a surgery method drastically improved full recovery rates of women’s urinary incontinence

Newly developed a non-invasive surgery method for urinary stone, as the first in Korea

Introduced the genetic testing method to evaluate sudden infant death, for the first in Korea


The first successful chondrocyte transplantation surgery in Incheon area(Dongincheon Gil Hospital)

Adapted the helmet aspiration system as the first in Korea (Dongincheon Gil Hospital)

Conducted “Fragile X-Syndrome Test” for the fetus, as the first in Korea

Established Korea’s first medical intranet at Gachon University of Medicine and Science

Succeeded in heart transplantation for the heart failure patient by transporting with a helicopter


Korea’s first live monitor broadcast of the arthroscopic surgery

The first successful non-surgical occlusion for ventricular septal defects in Korea/ a successful painless cavity therapy by using laser.

Korea’s first live Internet broadcast of a minimally invasive surgery method Introduced the method of “Percutaneous Vertebroplasty”

Established the Korea’s first organ donation campaign office and jointly operated with ‘Korea Tissue Bank”

Performed a surgery of partial left ventriculectomy for the terminal patient suffering from chronic heart failure, for the first in Korea

Introduced and adopted the “Laser Cavity Therapy System”, for the first in Korea


Developed metal guiding device for angulus mandibulae


Korea’s first Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation for a pediatric tachycardia patient

The first surgery of intractable epilepsy patient in Incheon area by Epilepsy Therapeutic Team Presented a minimally invasive surgery method for the first in Korea

Korea’s first simultaneous heart-lung transplant (on an 11-year-old girl)

Surgery for tetralogy of Fallot (a congenital combination of four specific heart abnormalities) on Korea’s oldest patient


Korea’s first bloodless heart transplant

The first successful ventricular reconstruction surgery in Asia

Korea’s first bloodless heart transplant

Korea’s first successful myocardial surgery for the heart failure patient


Started to provide the telemedicine system for cardiovascular angiography and intervention (hosted the international medicine symposium)

Established the Korea’s first remote medical service system (between Joongang Gil Hospital and Bakryong Gil Hospital)


Korea’s first joint medical services combined with western and oriental medicine

Korea’s first introduction of “NaYag Laser” system for the dental clinic

Korea’s first successful coronary atherectomy and laser angioplasty

Succeeded in the brain transplantation of the embryo for the Parkinson disease patient


Korea’s first successful non-surgical coronary transluminal angioplasty


The first successful in-vitro fertilization in Incheon area


Korea’s first successful rotablator atherctomy and anterograde atherectomy


The first successful open heart surgery in Incheon


The first successful microsurgery in Incheon area