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제목 From L.M. to Matthew
작성일 2016.08.23

Below is a thank you letter from one of Dr. Kwon\"s (Gastroenterology) patients.
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Dear sir / madam

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your hospital care and attention over the past 3 years

My husband and I have been in korea as expats from the UK and during this time we registered at the gil hospital both for my husbands diabetes and for my Crohn\"s disease. In January 16\" we will sadly be leaving korea to take on another assignment in thailand

I have suffered with Crohn\"s disease for 23 years and of course it\"s been tough and even harder when you move countries, move house and change doctors so I was incredibly nervous as you can imagine, but then I met Matthew park.

I can honestly say Matthew is the most genuine, professional and dedicated individual that I have had the pleasure to associate with, he made me feel at ease when I was very sick and was always available to support me day or night, I really cannot thank him enough.

Equally dr kwon is an amazing gastroenterologist and a credit to his profession he shows care and determination to ensure I had the best treatment at all times

Peter had a diabetic doctor who was so caring, took time to understand his condition and we appreciate him so much too

All in all, I wanted to commend you on Your diabetes clinic and for me personally the care from Matthew park and dr kwon who, I would not be in a place as I am today as they took so much care to support my rehabilitation, I am delighted to have had the opportunity to be treated by them and I am sure it will help my ongoing treatment to an illness that is so debilitating

Thank you again and I would please ask you to express your thanks from a senior level that would mean so much to me

Kind regards and thank you for taking such good care of us

L. M.