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Title Hybrid Operation Room Opening Ceremony
Date 2018.04.18 Link

Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Hybrid Operation Room Opening
Procedures+Surgery for Vascular Diseases at the same time... Improve of Patients Safety

- Simultaneous diagnosis, treatment, and confirmation of vascular disease such as cerebral aneurysm -
- Installation of Siemens\" latest angiography device -

A hybrid operating room that can perform vascular disease procedure and surgery at the same time has been recently opened at Gachon University Gil Medical Center (Lee Geon director). The Hybrid Operating Room is a system that allows to held both medical and surgical operations. It uses cutting edge angiography device to treat precisely and accurately major vascular diseases. Gill Center will apply hybrid surgery to treat cerebral vascular diseases such as cerebral aneurysms.

▲ Possibility of getting diagnosis - treatment - confirmation at once due to Hybrid operation room.
High-tech and advanced devices are used to treat vascular diseases and microscopic passages or vessels in our body that are clogged, swollen or popped. Nowadays, minimally invasive procedures with minimal incisions have become popular. However, as it is a fine and sensitive part, if surgical operation is more effective, there are a lot of cases where surgery is required accompanied by certain procedure. Angiography equipment to diagnose blood vessels‘ condition, operating room for treatment, and post-treatment scanning (CT, MRI, etc.) to check pateint’s condition after therapy were performed in different places.

Diagnosis, treatment, and confirmation are achieved at one-step in hybrid operating room . A great advantage is that necessary procedures and operations are performed at once during the treatment process. For example, when patient with cerebral hemorrhage due to aneurysm rupture comes to the hospital, he had to undergo angiography procedure in angiography room then move to the operating room if surgery is required. During procedure, blood pressure elevates, re-bleeding may be started, or the time may be delayed after anesthesia. In hybrid operating room, angiography procedure is performed in the surgery room to check blood vessel condition of the patient during or after surgery, and also lets to solve problem immediately if the problem is found.

▲ 3D confirmation of vessels condition by installing cutting edge angiography device
 The core of the Hybrid Operating Room introduced by Gil Medical Center is Siemens Artis Q Biplane, angiography device that can check blood vessels condition with the highest 3D resolution . This equipment is the best in Korea and can be observed in real time with the highest 3D quality image without any incision. If the lesion is difficult to identify during surgery, or vessel obstruction or rupture is suspected, 3D imaging can be used to evaluate the condition of the vessel in real time and shows if intravenous surgery if needed. Thus the operation time can be shortened.

Artis Q can obtain not only blood vessels but also soft tissues and fine lesions with a quality comparable to CT scanning, so the result of the surgery can be checked immediately without moving to the CT room. Also, radiation dose is greatly reduced that much improves patient safety.

▲ Patient safety improved by multi-disciplinary system specialized in treatment of cerebrovascular disease
Hybrid surgery is an effective treatment system for vascular diseases such as brain and heart. Treatment for cerebrovascular diseases is the greatest achievement. The number of patients with cerebral aneurysm, which is the most common cause of cerebral hemorrhage, is increasing year by year, according to the National Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, which shows that the number of patients increased from 25,513 in 2010 to 70,828 in 2016. Increased interest in health screening has increased the possibility of early detection of patients with non-ruptured aneurysms.

As the blood vessels become thinner, the inflated aneurysm without proper treatment could lead to cerebral hemorrhage and one out of three people can die. It occurs mostly in age of 50 or older, but the number of young patients in age of 30 and 40 is increasing recently due to high blood pressure, drinking, smoking and stress.

The aneurysm is treated primarily with clip ligation, that clips the convexed blood vessels, and coil embolization, which closes the hole by filling thin coils of less than 1 mm. Depending on the nature of the aneurysm, clipping ligation and coil embolization may have different treatment methods. Patients with multiple aneurysms, both clipped ligation and coil embolization may be necessary. In hybrid operating room two operations can be performed at the same time, shortening the time of the treatment process and maximizing patient safety. In case of vascular anastomosis performed by Moyamoya disease, surgical result may be confirmed immediately in operating room to improve the success rate.

Gachon University Gil Hospital will expand hybrid surgery in cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases in the future. Doctor Yoo Chan-jong of neurosurgery department said: \"Hybrid operating room can improve the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, guarantee surgical safety and achieve more satisfactory results for patients. It makes patients stable during anesthesia beyond neurosurgery area. It is expected that multidisciplinary systems such as cardiology, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, general surgery and radiology, which require operation and procedure at the same time will smoothly run and increase efficiency. \"