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Title New CT Introduced (SOMATOM Definition Edge)
Date 2019.07.15 Link

Gachon University Gil Medical Center introduced the latest CT scan equipment in the B1 floor of the main building.

It is called \"SOMATOM Definition Edge\", which had begun operation since July 8th, 2019.

SOMATOM Definition Edge has enhanced video quality compared to the conventional Single Source CT thanks to the new Stellar Detector from Siemens. Minimizing the electrical noise or interference between the detectors, Stellar Detector delivers the highest spatial resolution in CT, identifying tissues with the size as small as 0.3mm. Moreover, it can obtain more vivid and clearer video quality in parts with diameters smaller than 3mm, allowing the CT to detect re-stenosis in patients with heart stents.

SOMATOM Definition Edge can scan up to 23cm per second, scanning the whole body within 10 seconds. Such quick scanning time enables scan unconscious patients or pediatric patients more easily than before. SOMATOM Definition Edge, with Single Source Dual Energy scan mode, reduces the radiation exposure for skinny patients or kids. This makes SOMATOM Definition Edge the fastest Single Source CT that Siemens has ever manufactured.

CT scanners are now re-located in the B1 floor of the main building, maximizing patients\" convenience for accessibility to ensure more precise and time-efficient diagnosis.