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Title Gil Regional Emergency Center Rated #1
Date 2018.02.10 Link

Gil Regional Emergency Center (GREC) received ‘Top Class’ evaluation from the ‘2017 National Emergency Medical Center Evaluation’. Out of 16 evaluation up to date, GMC has received the highest rate for the last 15 consecutive years, proving its excellence in emergency medical service.

The evaluation in 2017 was done by National Emergency Medical Center, assessing the management of the center. The evaluands included 37 regional emergency medical centers and 446 emergency centers.

National Emergency Medical Center evaluated under the following categories; security, effectiveness, patient-oriented, timeliness, functionality, and publicness (for emergency medical treatment) and relevance of medical personnel, patient satisfaction, effective management of sickbed, public role, and social safety net.

GREC received an ‘A’ rank which falls under the top 30%. Since 2003, when the evaluation began, GREC was nominated 15 times as ‘Top Class’.

GREC has contributed to the development of domestic emergency medical treatment since 1999 by opening a large-scale regional emergemcy medical center in the west-coast region.

Additionally in 2014, Gil Medical Center opened a regional emeregency medical center 1st in westcoast region, establishing a system for aiding trauma patients. GMC is planning to construct an emergency medical treatment system in island regions with the use of doctor helicopters and joint treatment.

In case of large-scale traffic accidents and incidents in Incheon region, by sending disaster medical treatment team, GMC is making assurance doubly sure.

Gun Lee, the director of GMC said, “We were able to sustain our achievement with our sense of duty; ‘saving our patient’.” He added, “We will continue our efforts in emergency medical treatment not only for Incheon, but aslo for the whole nation.”