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Title Lung Cener Opening Ceremony
Date 2016.05.04 Link

Due to environmental pollution and aging, lung diseases are serious rising threats to the modern society. Gachon University Gil Medical Center will be opening up a new lung center in order to focus on the diagnosis, treatments and overcoming of various lung diseases, upcoming May 9th of 2016. Until now, Gil Medical Center has had the pride of being the best in the field of treating lung diseases. On the evaluation done by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service in 2014, Gil Medical Center received level 1 (the highest grade there is) in the fields of treating lung cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and pneumonia.

 Lung cancer, the “deadly threat”
The newly opening lung center will have various clinics within, dealing with diverse fields of lung diseases. The department consists of 4 clinics that respectively deal with the following lung diseases; lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), allergic asthma, as well as pulmonary fibrosis.
Along with stomach cancer, lung cancer is responsible for the highest cancer mortality in South Korea. Not only is there a high possibility of attaining lung cancer, but it also has a very low possibility of survival. Over the past 10 years, the survival rate for lung cancer has increased by 16%, but unfortunately is still in the low 30’s. To be precise, the survival rate in 1993-1995 was 14.2% which has increased up to 30.6% in 2009-2013.
There has been substantial development in the field of discovering the causes for, and diagnosing lung cancer, although the results have not been as promising. As a result, early diagnosis and treatments are crucial. Gachon University Gil Medical Center provides with the best treatments based on extensive researches, clinical experience, along with extremely skilled medical staffs and faculties. The number of call patients suffering from lung cancer has been and is still increasing. Compared to 2012, by 2015, the number of call patients with lung cancer has increased approximately by 20%.

 Best lung cancer clinic in the country has opened.
Gachon University Gil Medical Center is currently carrying out substantially many ultrasonic bronchial endoscopic surgeries with safe measures, and adequate treatments of the patients, Incheon. Furthermore, this new lung cancer clinic is operated by so called “one-stop diagnosis system,” for the convenience of the patients at the clinic, along with necessary medical services.
In particular, lung cancer is treated through video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) which has more advantages compared to the old surgical method. Compared to the old method of operation, VATS involves treating lung cancer with endoscopes and minimal operation wounds. In other words, VATS has the advantages of low possibilities of complications, side effects, less physical and mental pressure for the patients, as well as their fast recovery.
Thoracic Surgery specialist at Gil Medical Center, Dr. Jae-Ik Lee, said “The main focus in the past was the survival of the patients, where now, the quality of their lives is also considered. That is why we treat them using the thoracoscopic surgeries.” He also added, “The technology and the field related to thoracoscopy will continue to be developed in the future, in such a way that would cause patients less pain and pressure.”
The lung cancer clinic is based on personalized multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatments. It provides treatments in the fields of allergy and pulmonolgy, oncology, thoracic surgery, radiation oncology, and lung cancer coordinator.
Allergy and pulmonologist, Sun Young Kyung at Gil Medical Center said “A distinctive characteristic of lung cancer is its diversity in methods of treatments and diagnosis. It is necessary that patients go through multi-disciplinary treatments and diagnosis, and numerous medical staffs and faculties. As the cooperation of various medical fields is crucial, the treatments are focused on the multidisciplinary team.”
The treatments are very personalized. It is done in a way that, once the patients arrive at the lung cancer clinic, they are guided to undergo PET-CT, MRI, and biopsies as soon as possible. Allergy and pulmonologist, Dr. Sin-Myeong Kang said “The lung cancer clinic provides very professional and adequate treatments for the patients.”

 COPD, provided with specialized treatment system
The pulmonary department at Gachon University Gil Medical Center is gaining attention due to its specialized clinic that gives treatments for COPD. COPD a disease caused due to chronic airway inflammation, which leads to the closure of the airway. COPD is usually the result of smoking and air pollution. COPD clinic is also based upon multi-disciplinary treatments, in addition to constant development of numerous treatment protocols, providing patients with personalized treatments. Allergy and pulmonologist, Dr. Jung-Woong Park said “The COPD Clinic is going to be the best clinic in the country in the field of diagnosis and treatments.”

 Allergic asthma being conquered by personalized treatments
Allergic asthma lowers the quality of one’s life and could be life-threatening. The number of cases dealing with allergic asthma has significantly increased most recently, due to the Asian and fine dust originating from China. Patients with allergic asthma show symptoms such as constant coughing, rough breathing as well as having trouble with breathing. The cases of allergic asthma have increased ever since the westernization of the modern society. Allergic asthma clinic at Gil Medical Center is responsible for early diagnosis and treatments of allergic asthma, through professional medical test protocols.

 Overcoming Pulmonary Fibrosis with clinical experience and researches
Pulmonary Fibrosis is caused by the exposure to air pollution and various harmful chemicals. It causes hardening and fibrosis of the lungs, which eventually leads to the problem in exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen. Preliminary diagnosis and treatments are extremely crucial, as damaged lung cells cannot be recovered. Pulmonary Fibrosis clinic provides optimal, personalized treatment services, as well as researches and development of medications. Pulmonologist, Dr. Sung-Hwan Jung at Gil Medical Center said “This is a clinic where researches and clinical surgeries are carried out together extremely well, and it will continue on the journey to not only conquer Pulmonary Fibrosis, but also to become the best clinic in the country, as well as around the globe.”