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Title Business agreement with the world s biggest pharmaceutical company Novartis
Date 2014.07.09 Link

Business agreement with the worlds biggest pharmaceutical company Novartis

On the 8th, the director of Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Gun Lee (middle), and the vice president of Gachon University Medical Campus, Hee-suk Chun (left), made a business agreement with the CPO Head and Country President of Novartis Korea, Brian Gladsden (right) for collaborative research.

Each party agreed to cooperate in creating a basis for innovative cluster through the composition of arithmetic network, executing clinical demonstration for research advancement, mutual exchange of labor force, and new drug development, as well as aiding research facilities.

Since when Gachon University Gil Medical Center was selected as a research-centered Medical Center in 2013, it has been building extensive connections with both domestic and foreign medical and pharmaceutical organizations. Especially due to their agreement, the new drug development, clinical demonstration and industrialization will be greatly influenced by the ability to share the research infrastructure of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical company.

With its headquarters in Switzerland, Novartis is continuously investing in the research development of innovative drugs. Gachon University Gil Medical Center and Gachon University are building specific strategies in the activation of mutual research and the derivation of visible results.

The director of Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Gun Lee, asserted that through the collaboration with Novartis, having global research facilities and labor force, Gachon University Gil Medical Center looks forward to solidifying its position as the nations best research-centered Medical Center, as well as constantly making efforts to research and develop drugs that are helpful to patients.