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Title Wish for successful host of 2014 Incheon Asian Game, Gil Medical Center purchases 100 Million KRW wo
Date 2014.02.04 Link

On 4th, Gachon University Gil Medical Center (President Lee, Gun) visited the executive committee (Chairman Kim, Young-Su) of 2014 Incheon Asian Game. Out of wish for a successful hosting, Gil Medical Center purchased 100 VIP tickets (100 million KRW worth) for opening ceremony.

As a representative hospital of City of Incheon, Gachon University Gil Medical Center will endlessly support the world-wide festival. In particular, Gil Medical Center plans to the needs of medical service of foreign athletes and audience.

President Lee claimed, We will do our best to leave a great impression on foreign athletes, visiting media, and audience about Incheon medical service.

Attached picture is Chairman Kim Young Su (on the left) and President Lee Gun (on the right)