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Title Experience Korea Program is Popular Among Foreign Patients
Date 2014.02.11 Link

Experience Korea Program for foreign patients at Gachon University Gil Medical Center (President Lee, Geun) is gaining its popularity. Experience Korea Program is a cultural program the hospital organized in hopes that the patients will stay physically and mentally healthy.

Beginning from this year, International Healthcare Center at Gachon University Gil Medical Center facilitates various programs that the patients can experience traditional Korean culture. The programs range from experiencing Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) and Keunjul (Korean ceremonial bows) to learning etiquettes for tea ceremony. The best of Experience Korea Program is etiquette class for tea ceremony, which is facilitated by Gyubang Tea & Etiquettes Preservation Foundation (Chairman Lee, Gye Rye). Sponsored by Gachon Cultural Foundation, Gyubang Tea & Etiquettes Preservation Foundation aims to preserve the procedure and etiquettes for traditional tea ceremony. Over an hour-long etiquette class, the foreign patients learn to properly brew and serve teas to guests.

Batdelger (41 years old) and Otgonbayar (43 years old), a couple who participated in the etiquette class for tea ceremony on Feb. 11th, says, We are so grateful to experience Korean traditional tea ceremony. It helped us to better understand Korean Culture. We plan to share this experience with our friends when we return to Mongolia. Currently, the couple is being treated for infertility at iBaram Clinic at Gachon University Gil Medical Center.

Since September 2013, Gachon University Gil Medical Center has actively publicized the hospital in Mongolia. The statics show that foreign patients increased by more than 300% (37% of these are Mongolian patients) from 2012 to 2013. Unlike most of Russian patients (26% of the total) who visit the hospital through local agency, Mongolian patients usually visit Gachon University Gil Medical Center by reference. These patients show high satisfaction for the treatment and the stay. Recently, patients from Middle East (such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq) have also increased in numbers.

The majority of the foreign patients last year were treated at Obstetric and Gynecologic Clinic. In case of Obstetric and Gynecologic treatment, the duration of stay in Korea can last up to three months. By providing Experience Korea Program at no additional cost, Gil Medical Center International Healthcare Center endeavors to improve customer satisfaction

Dr. Baek, Jung Huem, director of International Healthcare Center, claims, The rapid increase in foreign patients and the fact that most of them visit the hospital by reference indicate that medical service and staffs consideration towards patients are outstanding. We hope Experience Korea Program can be a great addition to improving patient satisfaction.