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Title Gil Mongolian Office Celebrates inauguration anniversary
Date 2014.07.07 Link

Office in Mongolia celebrates inauguration anniversary, bolstering its network with local Medical Centers in collaboration.

Gachon University Gil Medical Center held a celebration for the one-year inaugural anniversary of its office in Mongolia, while promoting its network enhancement with other local Medical Centers in collaboration.

For four days since June 25th 2014, Gachon University Gil Medical Centers International Healthcare Center paid a visit to its office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia that newly opened on September 2nd, 2013. The director of the International Healthcare Center, Dr. Baek Jeong-Heum, pediatrics cardiology professor, Dr. Kim Na-Yeon, and their company held a one-year inaugural anniversary ceremony on June 26th, as well as a medical tour information session for a crowd of doctors, pharmacists, agencies, travel agency directors, NGO chiefs, and the public in Mongolia. Furthermore, in commemoration of the offices first year, the second love-sharing event including free check-up and a celebration for the full recovery of Mongolian pediatric patients with cardiac diseases that have been receiving treatment through Gil Medical Centers invitation. The crowd was touched by one Mongolian child , who received a cardiac surgery when she was only eight months old in 2006, that made an appearance at the event.

Since the opening of the office in Mongolia, the number of Mongolian patients entering Gil Medical Center is gradually increasing. Through the visit, the International Healthcare Center aims for strengthening its network with other local Medical Centers in collaboration. Further visits to Mongolia national Mother-Baby Center, Gurval gal Medical Center, and Chimeg-Oyu obstetrics Medical Center, etc. were made to discuss the specific collaborative measures related to the treatment and delivery for sterile patients. In addition, the plans for study abroad programs for the doctors in rural areas were specified through the discussion with the Mongolian health board international exchange parties.

The director of the International Healthcare Center, Dr. Baek Jeong-Heum, remarked, With the office as a home base, various kinds of business have been undertaken and thereby, the number of Mongolian patients visiting Gil Medical Center has been increasing. As such, we will continually work to heighten our position within Mongolia.