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Title Ex-Vice President of Iraq Mahdi Visited Gil Medical Center
Date 2013.12.19 Link

Addil Abdul MAHDI, an ex-Vice President of Iraq, responded to the invitation by the Korea-Iraq Friendship Foundation and visited Gachon Gil Medical Center on December 19th. In addition to visiting and encouraging, MADHI showed the appreciation for the medical team.

MADHI and Mr. Han Byung Do, the chairman of the Korea-Iraq Friendship Foundation, conversed with hospital administratives and city of Incheon official about the Iraqi patients. MADHI claimed, Many Iraqi citizens appreciate Gachon Gill Medical Center for inviting and treating Iraqi children. I hope the friendly relationship between Iraq and Korea will continue to grow through the Korea-Iraq Friendship Foundation.

Through the collaborative work with the Korea-Iraq Friendship Foundation, Gachon Gill Medical Center has invited heart disease children from Iraq since 2006. A total of 17 patients, including 3 children and one adult who are currently hospitalized, have been treated in Gachon Gill Medical Center.

Following the meeting, MADHI visited the wards Iraqi children are admitted and wished the best for their health. Gana Firas (1 year old) was admitted on 17th and is currently recovering from the operation on 19th. Three other patients including Rasol Ahmed (7 years old) are already examined and are currently waiting for the operation. The invitation for these patients were sponsored by Yeoido Full Gospel Church, Milal Heart Foundation, and DreamBimo, organization to gift new life, and many other sponsoring organizations.

Gachon Gill Medical Center, including Iraqi citizens, has invited and treated children from 16 under-developed countries and gifted new lives to a total of 322 patients since 1966.