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Title Progress in Discussion for Neuroimaging Exports to Saudi Arabia
Date 2013.12.20 Link

Staffs from Saudi Arabian National Neuroscience Institute and King Fahad Medical Center visited Gachon Neuroscience Institute to discuss the terms and conditions for Neuroimaging exports.

TFT Committee, composed of Dr. Kahled Almusrea (chief of Saudi Arabian National Neuroscience Institute) and Dr. Fahad Aldosary (director of psychiatry), visited Gachon Neuroscience Research Institute (NRI) and Gachon Gil Hospital from 18th to 20th. Saudi Arabian TFT Committee and Gachon TFT Committee, led by NRI President Lee Myung Chul and Vice President Lee Un, discussed the methods to replicate Gachon Gil Medical Centers critical research facilities in Saudi Arabia. Both committees agreed to proceed with staff training, collaborative research, and development of cutting-edge imaging devices, 11.7T MRI and SiPM PET. Accordingly, the details and budget to operate the facilities and devices in Saudi were discussed.

This visit followed the MOU signed on November 15th in Saudi Arabia by one month. Prompt execution implicates that both sides are endeavoring to successfully finalize the project. In fact, the clause The contract will be finalized by April, 2014 after adjustments have made is included in the agreement that the future of the agreement seems bright. Based on the decisions made at the TFF conference, two sides will prepare the Statement of Work by February, 2014.