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Title Thesis Award of Thyroid Clinic of Gil Medical Center
Date 2013.11.28 Link

Dr. Lee, Young-Don and Dr. Jeong, Yoo-Seung from Gachon University Gil Medical Center Thyroid Clinic won Myong-min Grand Prize of Thesis and Prize of excellence respectively from 2013 Korean Association of Thyroid and Endocrine Surgeons (KATES) Fall Symposium.

Dr. Lee wrote a thesis regarding the effectiveness of serum thyroid stimulating hormone and collum examination after diagnosis of Follicular neoplasm from fine needle aspiration cytology. Dr. Jeong wrote a thesis on the importance of surgical treatment in treating toxic thyroid nodule.

KATES holds symposiums twice a year and renowned doctors of thyroid endocrine and endocrine surgery gather and discuss in-depth complex subjects. Dr. Lee and Dr. Jeong already received Myong-min Grand Prize of Thesis in 2012 and 2013 Spring Symposiums respectively, so Gachon University Gil Medical Center Thyroid Gland Clinic has been awarded three times in a row, along with the excellence award in 2013 Fall Symposium.