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Title Celebrating the Full Recovery of Pediatric Cancer Children and the New Year
Date 2014.01.15 Link

"Angel Lovers, the association for mothers with pediatric cancer stricken children, held a celebration of the full recoveries and the New Year on 14th at the Gachon Hall.

A total of twelve children were presented with the full recovery necklaces, and their parents were presented with proud mother awards. The full recovery of pediatric cancers generally takes 3 to 5 years or more that patients and the parents are known to suffer for many years. At the celebration, children who had recovered and their parents visited to encourage the newly recovered children.

Angel Lovers was first established in 2006 to encourage pediatric cancer stricken children and their parents. Each year, Angel Lovers hosts a celebration of the full recoveries at Gachon University Gil Medical Center.

Attached is a group picture taken after the event