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Title Hospice & Palliative Care promotion campaign, 2013
Date 2013.10.18 Link

In front of Incheon Transit Terminal, there was Hospice & Palliative Care promotion campaign on October 18th, 2013; Incheon and Incheon Regional Cancer Center (Gachon University Gil Medical Center) held the campaign, and Incheon St. Marys Hospital, Bucheon St. Marys Hospital, and Gaeun Hospital participated.

Celebrating Hospice & Palliative Care Day (Saturday of 2nd week of October), Incheon Regional Cancer Center is holding the campaign every year in order to get residents attention and offer them an opportunity to look over their lives.

During the campaign, many drawings and pictures that were done by patients in palliative care wards were displayed. Some volunteers delivered the campaigns message by playing musical instruments or art therapy.