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Title Integrated Neuroscience Center signs implementation agreement with King Fahd Medical Center, Saudi A
Date 2013.11.12 Link

On November 5th, Gachon University Integrated Neuroscience Center along with Gachon University Gil Medical Center exchanged implementation agreement on export of brain imaging and neuroscience center system. Export of brain imaging system to Saudi Arabia is becoming concrete as this is the follow-up action after signing MOU on September 23rd regarding.

The main issue of the agreement was signing the final contract by April 2014 after coordinating opinions and inquiring law based on the MOU in September. To do this, TFT team from both countries agreed to prepare final draft of Statement of Work after gathering opinions from both sides. Saudi Arabian TFT team will visit Korea from November 25th to 29th.

Dr. Lee, Myeong-Chul, the director of Neuroscience Center, remarked, By signing the implementation agreement, we arranged an opportunity to improve global positioning and mutual relationship with Saudi Arabia by exporting global initiative on neuroscience research from our country. This also signifies the fact that we were able to clear loose ends that we used to have. We are at about 95% of the process of signing final contract.