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Title MGL Radio series finale, April 12th
Date 2013.04.15 Link

Radio program broadcasted in Mongolia by G.M.C. (Gil Medical Center) - "Episodes for Cancer" - has ended on April 12th, 2013.

During 14 episodes, 13 Gil Medical Center Oncology doctors provided information and live Q & A session regarding 13 different cancerous diseases.

International Healthcare Center of G.M.C. and Monglian online radio broadcasting company ( worked together to broadcast "Episodes for Cancer" program over 4 months, providing useful medical information about various cancer and live Q&A session with Mongolian audience, which was even led to actual patients" visits to G.M.C. from Mongolia.

This served as an opportunity to increase awareness and recognition of G.M.C. in Mongolia, especially in times of incoming international patietns to S.Korea.

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