Jae-Hyug Woo
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  • SpecialtyResuscitation, Toxicology, Critical care medicine, Disaster medicine
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Critical care medicine
Disaster medicine

2017 Gachon University College of Medicine, Ph.D.
2010 Gachon University College of Medicine, M.S.
2005 Gachon University College of Medicine, M.D.
2021 Gachon University College of Medicine, Associate Professor
2021 Award by Mayor of Incheon City
2018 Award by Minister of Health and Welfare
2018 2018 EUROASIA BEST ABTRACT-European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
2017 Award by Head of Namdong-gu Office, Incheon City
2017 National Medical Center Award
2016 KBS 119 Award by Minister of Public Safety and Security
2016 EMS Physician (Michuhol Fire Station, Incheon)
2016 Gachon University College of Medicine, Assistant Professor
2015~2016 Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Clinical Assistant Professor
2014~2016 Department of Emergency Medical Technology, Gachon University College of Health Science, Instructor
2013~2015 Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Fellow
2010~2013 Manager of Emergency room, Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center Icheon Hospital (Public Health Doctor)
2006~2010 Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Resident
2005~2006 Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Intern
2014 National Disaster Life Support instructor
2010 Emergency Medicine Specialist
2009 Emergency Medical Service Physician
2005 Medical License
Jae-Hyug Woo
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