Healthy world created by Gachon University Gil Medical Center


High expertise in cancer treatment with global standard


◎ AI Cancer Center

In 2016, Gachon University Gil Medical Center introduced the artificial intelligence (AI) cancer treatment program 'Watson For Oncology' from IBM for the first time in nation and now operating AI cancer hospital. AI Watson program is providing a global-level treatment guide in Korea, and GUGMC was selected as Incheon Regional Cancer Center in 2011 and plays various roles of cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management.

Research leads the future of medicine


◎ TOP3 Research-centered hospital

Gachon University Gil Medical Center was selected as one of Korea's top 10 research-oriented hospitals in 2014, and was listed among the TOP 3 hospitals for national research and development projects. GUGMC is conducting research to lead the future of nation in two areas, such as developing brain imaging devices and new drugs for metabolic diseases. GUGMC opened Lee Gil Ya Cancer & Diabetes Research Institute in 2004, Gachon Neuroscience Research Institute in 2006, and started to build Gachon Brain Valley in Songdo Free Economic Zone in 2016 for research, diagnosis and treatment.

Commitment to community services in medicine


◎ Commitment to public health

Gachon University Gil Medical Center is a representative hospital in Incheon, contributing to local community's health. West regional Emergency Medical Center and regional Trauma Center introuced Dr. Helicopter (operated for the first time in Korea, 2011) and Dr. Car (operated for the first in the nation, 2019) to prepare for emergency 24/7 throughout the year. In addition, we provide foster care services for the socially vulnerable, such as suicide, depression, and child sexual violence, and operate centers for postpartum support of high-risk mothers.