Designation as a 'regional medical center'
 04/21/2021  다국어 관리자    872

Designation as a regional medical center

The signboard-hanging ceremony for 'designation as a regional medical center' was held on March 9 at Neuroscience Research Institute. 

Gachon University Gil Medical Center (GUGMC) was recently designated as a regional medical center responsible for Incheon city by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. Government is designating hospitals in each region in order to improve medical accessibility.

Now GUGMC will be committed to several projects, which include 1) liaising discharge patients to a local community 2) emergency patient transport & coordination with other hospitals 3) infection control & managing patient safety 4) operating health management team for high risk pregnancy and neonate 5) visiting health care service for medically underserved areas 6) expertise enhancement project for health and medical resources.

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