Development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Colonoscopy, 1st in the Nation "Dr.Answer" Prediction
 06/25/2021  다국어 관리자    1169


It analyzes the endoscopic image in real time through an artificial intelligence algorithm and automatically finds polyps, even small ones, increasing the accuracy of the test and reducing medical risk.

"Dr.Answer (Ai, network, software, er) is medical software to support doctors' treatment and diagnosis through medical big data.
Dr. Answer Colonoscopy predicts the possibility of colon cancer by linking and analyzing medical data of about 80,000 people based on AI, and supports the medical staff to detect colon polyps during examination and can help treatment.
Gil Hospital's Doctor Answer Colonoscopy Service is composed of AI-based colorectal polyp risk prediction SW and endoscope-based colorectal cancer (polyp) analysis SW, so it can avoid overtreatment and provide customized services for patients.

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