Gachon University Gil Medical Center won the top 2% of the 'medical quality evaluation'
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Gachon University Gil Medical Center obtained the best grade, which is the top 2% nationwide, in the Ministry of Health and Welfare's "2022 Medical Quality Evaluation."  There are only eight medical institutions nationwide that have received this rating.

The quality of care assessment is to assess the level of medical services provided by hospitals to patients.

In 2022, 359 medical institutions nationwide, including senior general hospitals and general hospitals, were evaluated.

Gachon University Gil Medical Center received the highest grade in the areas of patient safety, medical quality, publicity, medical delivery system, and support activities.

In addition, the education and training areas, research and development areas, pneumonia, coronary artery bypass surgery, acute stroke, hemodialysis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, anesthesia, self-determination respect ratio, and patient experience adequacy evaluation all obtained first grade.

It also received the highest rating in the evaluation of publicity areas such as delivery room operation, emergency medical care, intensive care unit operation, treatment of severe trauma patients, and composition ratio of rare and incurable diseases.


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