President’s Greeting

Yang-Woo Kim, President, Gachon University Gil Medical Center
Thank you for visiting Gachon University Gil Medical Center's website.
I truly believe that health is the greatest value of life for everyone. Without health, no one can dream the future of one's family.
Gachon University Gil Medical Center provides world-class medical services to patients and has been recognized for high-quality service by objective indicators in each specialty, such as cancer, cardiocerebrovascuar disease, chronic disease, organ transplantation, trauma, emergency medicine, etc.
Gachon University Gil Medical Center is also accumulating unique and unparalled clinical experiences among domestic hospitals in terms of future-oriented treatment that incorporates artificial inelligence.
Furthermore, we are creating innovative results in research activities for overcoming and preventing diseases. With promising research activity towards treatment and prevention of incurable and chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, dementia and Parkinson's disease, we are in par with world-class level research institutes.
Gachon University Gil Medical Center will be a partner walking along the path towards the health of patients and happiness of their families.
We will always put our patients and customers first and contribute to the development of mankind with innovative medical services.
I wish you and your family a good health.
Woo-Kyung Kim, President, Gachon University Gil Medical Center