Simultaneous surgery for colon cancer and lung metastasis
 04/21/2021  다국어 관리자    963

Simultaneous surgery for colon cancer and lung metastasis

(From the left, Dr.Kim, Keun-Woo at thoracic surgery, Dr.Lee, Won-Suk at general surgery, patient Kim, O.H., Dr.Park, So-Hyun at radiology medicine, Dr.Sym, Sun-Jin at oncology & Ms.Kang, Ha-Ree, RN, oncology coordinator)


There was this one female patient who was diagnosed with end-stage colon cancer as well as lung metastasis almost at the same time. This was so frustrating and overwhelming to her. However, she is now in good recovery after receiving simultaneous surgery for both colon cancer and lung metastasis.


Dr. Lee, Won-Suk at the general surgery department decided to perform simultaneous surgery in order to minimize the physical and psychological stress of the patient. Even though it took more than twice as long as usual, the surgery was completed successfully by two experienced surgeons and their operation team.

Patient Kim, who tolerated this intense surgery, stated "I was so scared after the cancer diagnosis, but doctors and other medical staffs helped me a lot to have faith in recovery after surgery. Without them, I could have not come this far."

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