• Opening of a CAR-T Cell Therapy Center

  • Gachon University Gil Medical Center's Regional Cancer Center ranked first in the national comprehensive evaluation for 2 consecutive years

  • Acquisition of evaluation certification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Institutional Review Board (IRB)

  • New Vision Declaration Ceremony

  • Declaration of ESG Management

  • Introduction of AI Customer Service 'SamBus' System

  • Development of the first AP-based automatic system for automated patient bed assignment for inpatients

  • Opening of an AI-based advanced inpatient radiology center

  • Signing of a memorandum of agreement with the Central Regional Coast Guard Headquarters for strengthening maritime rescue

  • Selected as an independent (portal) service provider for a pilot project on remote collaborative medical consultations for medical professionals

  • Signed a partnership agreement as the official cooperating hospital for the Incheon SSG Landers professional baseball team

  • Obtained certification as a diabetes education hospital

  • Opening of a multidisciplinary-based cerebrovascular center

  • Attained the highest A-grade rating in evaluations for national health checkup centers and health management specialist institutions

  • Gachon University Gil Medical Center ranked the first in the comprehensive evaluation of regional cancer centers nationwide

  • Nationwide top-tier A-grade evaluation as a regional trauma center

  • Nationwide top-tier A-grade evaluation as an emergency medical institution

  • Attainment of the highest national rating in medical quality evaluation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

  • Redesignation as a research-oriented hospital (3rd consecutive time)

  • Opening of an inflammatory bowel disease center

  • Inauguration of Dr. Kim, Woo-kyung as the 16th president of the hospital

  • Opening of a regional environmental health center in Incheon Metropolitan City

  • Successful on-site performance evaluation of the ultra-high-field 11.74T MRI magnet for brain imaging

  • Selected as a private business operator for Wirye New Town medical complex site

  • Selected as Incheon Regional Accountable Care Hospital, designated by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

  • Introduction of artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted colonoscopy "Dr.Answer" diagnostic system

  • Began to install magnet system for super-ultra high resolution 11.74T MRI

  • Launched Gachon Medical Lions Club

  • Designated as a consignment agency by Incheon city for infectious disease management support group

  • Opening of gastrointestinal cancer center

  • Export of 'Gachon University School of Medicine 6-year curriculum system' to Uzbekistan (Opening of AKFA MEDLINE Hospital School of Medicine)

  • Introduction of Watson For Genomics

  • Introduction of 'Doctor-Car', 1st in Korea

  • Opening of regional infertility•depression center

  • Completion of 11.74T MRI magnet production

  • Opening of high-risk maternal and newborn integrated treatment center

  • Completion of Gil Medical Center Brain Disease Center

  • Rated as #1 Emergency Medical Center by National Evaluation

  • Accredited for Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Established Virtual Reality Treatment Center

  • 1st Accreditation as an Excellent Hospital Serving Foreign Patients in Korea

  • Opening of Peritoneal Surface Malignancy & Recurrent Cancer Clinic

  • Opening of Medical Equipment Training Center

  • Designated as High-Risk Maternal & Newborn Integrated Care Centern

  • Opening of Negative Pressure Room Ward

  • Opening of A.I. Cancer Center

  • Opening of Gachon Brain Valley

  • Awarded a contract for PET-MRI Commercialization & 11.7T MRI Magnet

  • Opening of Gachon Brain Health Centern

  • Opening of Anti-aging Center

  • Opening of Women Cancer Centern

  • Designated as official hospital for Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)

  • Designated as R&D project institution for research-centered hospital development

  • Primary hospital for athletes village for 2014 Incheon Asian Games

  • Opening of Regional Dementia Centern

  • Opening of Gil Mongolian office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  • Appointment of director Lee, Gun

  • Establishment of Integrated Neuroscience Instituten

  • Renamed as Gachon University Gil Medical Center after integration Gachon University

  • Introduction of Mobile CT & Neuronavigation

  • Appointment of director Lee, Myung Cheol

  • BIG GIL movement and renovation announced

  • Opening of genetic counseling clinic for incurable diseases

  • Opening of Regional Trauma Centern

  • Establishment of Gachon University (Integration of Kyungwon University and Gachon Medicine and Science University)

  • Opening of Gil Medical Center Cancer Centern

  • JCI authentication of Gachon Brain Health Centern

  • Gachon Brain Health Center Facility "The Best 21" Vision proclamation ceremonyn

  • Opening of the International Healthcare Center

  • Opening of the Gachon Clinical Trial Testing Center

  • Groundbreaking of Cancer Center

  • Opening of Korea's largest artificial kidney center

  • Opening of Lee, Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Research Center

  • Electronic medical treatment card system (Smart card system) implemented

  • Lee, Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Research Institute becomes

  • Korea's first to organize "mobile emergency medical experience facility"n

  • Opening of a new wing, Gachon Museum

  • Opening of Gachon University of Medicine and Science Instituten

  • Establishment of Gachon University of Medicine and Science (Approval for Gachon University of Medicine and Science and Gachon Gil University consolidation)

  • Implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP)n

  • Official designation of Incheon United FC dental care center

  • Opening of Dental Centern

  • Korean Doctors Association Designation as Child Abuse Protective Medical Association

  • Opening of Hospital Funeral Parlor

  • Opening of Travelers Clinic

  • SMS Implementation of online medical treatment appointment servicesn

  • Establishment of a Integrated Medical Clinic

  • Establishment of Gachon Medical University Graduate School (Advanced policy instructor course)n

  • Appointment by The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family as violence against women
    Emergency Support Center

  • Designation as hospital for Korean-Women Foundation

  • Designation as hospital for the Korea-Japan World Cup 2002n

  • Appointment as a Tertiary Medical Care Institution.

  • Official name change to Gachon University of Medicine and Science Gil Hospitaln

  • Opening of Incheon West-Coast Emergency Medical Center

  • Opening of Kyungwon Incheon Oriental Medicine Hospital (East Incheon Gil Hospital) n

  • Opening of Ahn ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat) Centern

  • Approval to establish Gachon University of Medicine and Sciencen

  • Establishment of Bio-technology Research Instituten

  • Opening of Baekryung Gil Hospital Center (Under serviced rural area consolidation of local hospitals in deficit operation)

  • Opening of Heart Center n

  • Opening of Dongkook Incheon Oriental Medicine Hospital (within East Incheon Gil Hospital)

  • Opening of Women Clinicn

  • Permit to Open East Gil Hospital
    Opening of Industrial Medicine and Science Research Instituten

  • Opening of Gachon Human Resource Development Instituten

  • Completion of Annex 1 of Gachon Building

  • First in the nation to utilize fully integrated computer system for Hospital administrative dutiesn

  • Opening of Cheorwon Gil Hospital (Under serviced rural area hospital)n

  • Name change from Incheon Gil Hospital to East Incheon Gil Hospital (10 departments, 100 sickbeds)

  • Opening of Central Gil Hospitaln

  • Change of foundation name (Medical Corporation Gil hospital)

  • Opening of Yangpyung Gil hospital (Under privileged medical service region hospital)n

  • Designation as midwife Hospital

  • Designation as hospital for medical internships

  • Opening of Incheon Gil Hospital (Now East Incheon Gil Hospital) n

  • Permit to establish Medical Corporation for Incheon Gil Hospitaln

  • Lee, Gil Ya Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic n