Patient-centered Neurosurgery of Gachon University Gil Medical Center

Neurosurgery department has been with Gil Medical Center from the very beginning in 1987, and now we proudly present 15 professors, 7 resident doctors and 6 professional nurses striving for the best recovery and healing of patients with our high expertise. Each professor at his own specialty is doing the best to provide appropriate treatment to patients who were referred from clinics for high-level of treatment.


Gachon University Gil Medical Center's cerebrovascular specialists are ready for all cases of cerebrovascular disease on 24-hour emergency call system. Since 2018, hybrid surgical system (special operation room that allows both conventional craniotomy and surgery via blood vessel to treat brain aneurysm, cerebral arteriovenous malformation or others) was established in order to provide high-grade neurovascular treatment with safety and expertise. In addition, craniotomy or endovascular surgery is performed as accommodating the safety and the needs of patients for diseases found in advance without symptoms. It minimizes complications in vascular treatment and provides the best skills and facilities to prevent recurrence, becoming the nation's leader in cerebrovascular surgery.

Brain tumor

Gachon University Gil Medical Center's brain tumor center is equipped with abundant surgical experience and state-of-the-art medical equipment - nation's largest neuroscience research institute and 7.0 tesla MRI. For rapid recovery of tumor patients, endoscopic surgery is performed, and nearly 100 brain tumor patients are treated annually. In addition, we are providing the best medical technology to patients to safely and effectively to remove tumor through radiation surgery using the machine Novalis Tx.


State-of-the-art medical equipment and experienced medical staffs provide the best care to patients suffering from various spine diseases. In particular, the nation's best-in-class minimally invasive spinal surgery and endoscopic surgery will reduce the burden towards operation and promote rapid recovery.


Gachon University Gil Medical Center Neurosurgery has achieved more than 1,000 Parkinson surgeries for the first time in the country. Accumulated experience through many patients can provide the best care to patients suffering from dyskinesia.


Various treatment methods are offered to all patients suffering from sudden and chronic pain. Spinal nerve stimulator, intrathecal drug injection pump, nerve block or high-frequency electric stimulator are used to provide customized treatment for each patient.


Various diseases of the head and spine can be treated without invasive surgery. "Novalis Tx", Incheon's first radiosurgery equipment, is an accurate and precise treatment device that enables safe and effective treatment. With this latest treatment device, you can get comfortable and pain-free treatment.


Gachon University Gil Medical Center, the first regional trauma center in Korea, has played very important role in treatment for nerve damage. In order to treat sudden nerve damage from trauma, there are always trauma neurosurgeons available 24/7 to respond to urgent medical needs.