Foundation of Gachon University Gil Medical Center, more than 60 years of clinical experience proves itself

With more than 60 years of experience at OBGY, Women's Center is in charge of women's health, including prenatal care, infertility and even gynecological cancer.

Gachon University Gil Medical Center opened Women's Center to provide specialized care for women, and has made every effort to improve women's health.

Now, as a specialized women's center, we have expanded the scope of treatment and raised level of expertise to provide specialized treatment for women. Women's Center will treat each one of you to maximize your qualify of life.

Pregnancy bleeding

There are various causes of bleeding during pregnancy, but there are cases that lead to miscarriage or premature birth. Bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy can be a sign for sudden miscarriage, missed abortion or ectopic pregnancy. From the middle course of pregnancy, it can signify preterm delivery, uterune internia, placenta previa and placental abruption. For bleeding problem during pregnancy, accurate diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

Pregnancy complications

The incidence of complications during pregnancy has also increased as average age of marriage got old, and the proportion of aged pregnant women has increased. It is true that there are more risks of complications for cases of aged pregnancy, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension or infection, or when caesarean section is necessary due to various reasons. However, normal delivery is still possible if you do prenatal care well.

Fetal abnormality

Fetal abnormalities include multifetal pregnancies, fetal malformation with fetal morphological abnormalities, developmental dysfunction with size abnormality, polyhydramnios or olighydramnios. Fetal abnormalities can be caused by a variety of causes and appropriate test and management are necessary.

Myoma and ovarian cyst

Diagnosis and treatment is available for uterine myoma, adenomyosis, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, ovarian teratoma and others. First, ultrasound is performed and additional tests are done as needed. If surgery is needed, laparoscopic surgery is often chosen. Depending on the patient's condition, medication will be given as well.

Uterine prolapse

As the pelvic muscles become weak, uterine prolapse develops. Because the uterus, vagina, bladder, and rectum are all attached, they often escape all at once. Also urinary incontinence may also accompany. If the condition is severe, surgery is performed.


If you cannot be pregnant despite of trying for one year, it is regarded as infertility. After series of tests, you will have consultation to discuss the most appropriate method for your pregnancy. Likewise, the egg and sperm can be frozen for preservation if you are expected to receive chemotherapy or other treatment that affects fertility.


You can receive treatment for diseases such as menopause, climacteric and osteoporosis. These are known to occur even before menopause, and the duration of symptoms varies for each patient. Even if there is no past medical history, menopausal women should continue to be managed to improve their quality of life and maintain good bone density.