It protects, maintains and promotes the health of people working in workplace or industry. It detects and tracks occupational diseases early and prevents the occurrence of occupational diseases.

We advise and support workers' compensation and rehabilitation methods who have had accidents or illnesses related to occupational activities.

We discover health effects that may occur due to exposure to various environmental hazards, and we prevent the development of serious diseases, and continuously observe the effects of the environment.

Worker Health Checkup

-Special health checkup for each risk factor
-Health check before/after placement
-Health check-ups for business trips

Workplace health management

-Guidance and support for health management in small and medium-sized workplaces
-Consignment of health management work in the workplace

Work environment measurement

-Measurement and evaluation of workplace risk factor exposure level
-Improvement of workplace facilities and facilities

Environmental diseases

-Environmental hazard factors health assessment
-Treatment of patients with suspected environmentally related diseases