Healthy children is the key for happy family

Currently, there are 14 pediatric specialists and 16 resident doctors in 8 sub-divisions of Children's Hospital. Since 2010, it has been selected as a regional center for neonatal intensive care by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and has operated the highest level of neonatal ICU in Incheon and the Westcoast area. Since 2011, we were designated as Pediatric Emergency Center, providing medical service separate from adult Emergency Center in a separate environment 24/7.

Infection and Immunity

Infection / Immune division diagnoses acute and chronic infections, immunodeficiency, and autoimmune diseases., which are the most common diseases in children. Also children with frequent fever, long-lasting fever, infectious skin rash, fever of unknown cause, repetitive swelling of the joints and painful symptoms need to see our specialist (common diseases: fever, viral infection, viral infection, bacterial infection, lymphadenitis, tuberculosis, primary immunodeficiency, idiopathic pediatric arthritis).


Growth clinic provides specialized tests and treatment to prevent mental and physical problems caused by short stature. Precocious puberty clinic provides optimal treatment and appropriate tests for the rapidly increasing precocious puberty patients. Other diseases for this specialty include pediatric endocrine diseases, thyroid diseases or adrenal diseases.

Digestive system and nutrition

Digestive diseases in children and adolescents are common, such as 'I often have a stomachache', 'I keep having diarrhea', 'I do not eat well', 'There is something wrong with my liver'. For these cases, diseases related to the digestive system, liver disease, obesity or growth disorder related to nutrition are diagnosed and managed by pediatric gastroenterologists. In particular, there are handful of specialists who can perform gastrointestinal endoscopy in children and adolescents, but experienced and skilled pediatricians are available here. In addition, you can receive diagnosis and treatment through high expertise of medical techniques such as gastroscopy, esophageal or rectal pressure test, capsule endoscopy or ultrasonography.


Pediatric neurology manages overall treatment of childhood neurological disorders, such as epilepsy (convulsions), developmental disorder, headache, central nervous system infection, neuromuscular disease or genetic metabolic diseases. Pediatric neuropathy affects the child's growth in the future, so accurate diagnosis and treatment are important.


As operating the largest neonatal ICU in the West Coast Incheon area, neonatal specialists are working 24/7 to provide integrated treatment for premature and high-risk newborns. We are actively providing care through development mats and positioning care and rehabilitation treatments by professional physiotherapists for inpatient newborns. We are also helping to establish a relationship between the mother and the baby by revitalizing breastfeeding and nursing care. Newborn specialists, physical therapists and professional nurses provide discharge education to help babies adapt well afterwards, and regular follow-up programs and consultation systems are already set up to help high-risk newborns grow well. In outpatient clinic, tests and treatment for neonatal diseases, such as jaundice, congenital malformations or congenital metabolic abnormalities are available.

Pediatric Cardiology

Cardiology is available at Cardiology.


Diagnosis and treatment are provided by a specialist who have abundant experience in pediatric cancer and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, as well as various blood diseases such as anemia and immune platelet-reducing purpura in children and adolescents.

Respiratory and allergy

Respiratory symptoms, such as cough and runny nose are the most common reasons for children to go to hospitals. A systematic test system is set up to diagnose respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, bronchiolitis, sinusitis and allergic diseases, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, chronic urticaria.