We will improve your quality of life by reconstruction and plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is written as plastic & reconstructive surgery in English, which represents two major branches of plastic surgery. Specialties of plastic surgery are congenital malformations, tumor, facial trauma, hand trauma and reconstruction, cosmetic surgery, burn and others. Congenital malformation includes skull deformity, cleft lip or cleft palate, syndactyly or tongue tie. Facial trauma includes fracture of facial bones (orbital, nasal bone, cheekbone, lower jaw bone) or damage to soft tissues of the face. Hand trauma includes damage to finger or tendon, muscle, nerve or blood vessel of lower arm. Cosmetic surgery include eyelid or scar surgery, burns, osmidrosis axillae, reconstruction of pressure sore or reconstruction surgery of various areas after receiving cancer surgery.

Above various specialties of plastic surgery is not well known in Korea. Since most private plastic surgery clinics are specialized in beauty-cosmetic surgery, 'plastic surgery' has been recognized as managing beauty-purpose cases only, whereas university hospitals have been taken treatment in various specialties mentioned above. Recently, with the recent trend of private clinics specializedfor hand disorder or deformities, people's perception will change a lot.

Congenital anomaly

Reconstruction sugery for facial malformations such as cleft lip (lip split), cleft palate (split of the cleft), and residual deformity after surgery, syndactyly, polydactyly or acquired malformations

Skin and head and neck tumor

Benign tumors, such as lipoma, epidermal cyst or pilomatricoma are commonly seen that are not life-threatening, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from malignant tumors such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma or Paget's disease. Plastic surgery removes these tumors and reconstructs the defective areas caused by such surgery.

Facial trauma

Facial bone is the foundation of facial shape, and it is also important for vital function, such as eating and speaking. Soft tissues of the face perform general expression and various functions by facial muscle and nerve. Therefore, in case of facial fractures (orbital, nasal, cheekbones, lower jaw, etc.) and soft tissue damage, accurate surgery is important to resume shape and function.

Reconstruction of hand and lower extremities

Hand performs a variety of functions and is known for its complicated structure of bones, ligament and nerves. When acute hand injury occurs, surgery such as reconstruction or reconnection of the hand is required depending on type and degree of damage. The lower extremity is composed of mainly bone and muscle tissue. Available surgery includes skin graft, regional flap, fascia flap, and free flap.

Breast reconstruction

We want to minimize the psychological and social impact after receiving breast cancer surgery by breast reconstruction surgery. The methods of breast reconstruction can be largely divided into reconstruction using breast implant and autologous tissues.


Burn means damage to skin and components connected to skin caused by hot liquids, heat, electricity or chemicals. Plastic Surgery manages all processes from acute stage burn treatment to burn reconstruction and scar management.

Cosmetic surgery

Pursuing the beauty of face and other parts of the body, available from Botox injections to the latest surgeries such as endoscopic surgery, laser surgery, nose surgery, breast surgery, and obesity surgery.


As other field under Plastic Surgery, reconstruction and microreconstruction surgery is available for facial paralysis, osmidrosis axillae, diabetic foot or bedsore with advanced medical equipment.