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Arthritis rheumatology is an internal medicine department that specializes in treating rheumatoid diseases.

Rheumatoid disease is a term that refers to all kinds of diseases causing abnormalities in connective tissue, including joints, and also systemic autoimmune diseases caused by human immune mechanisms.

Commonly treated diseases include connective tissue diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis (degenerative), spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis), gout arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's disease, systemic sclerosis, dermatomyositis / polymyositis. Moreover, there are about 120 kinds of diseases, including Behcet's disease, systemic vasculitis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and peripheral joint disease.


Rheumatoid arthritis is a representative inflammatory arthritis and is one of the relatively serious arthritis problems with joint damage and deformation accompanied by pain and loss of joint function. It occurs more frequently in women and occurs mainly between the ages of 20 and 50. When rheumatoid arthritis develops and joint deformation occurs, there is no way to reverse to the original state with current medical technology, so early diagnosis and early intervention is the best method.

Bone arthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, is the most common arthritis, and its prevalence increases with age. It occurs mainly on hands, feet, knees and hip joints, and the main initial symptoms are limitations in daily life due to joint pain.

Back pain

In lower back pain, there is mechanical back pain, which gets worse as it is used more, and there is inflammatory back pain, which feels stiff and painful in the morning, but improves when you exercise or move.

A typical disease of inflammatory back pain is spondylitis / ankylosing spondylitis, a condition in which the spine and peripheral joints are inflamed, causing pain and stiffness in the spine, dyskinesia and peripheral arthritis. It occurs well in young men.

Systemic rheumatism

Systemic lupus erythematosus is usually called lupus, and is a typical systemic rheumatic disease that can cause inflammation in all organs of our body as well as joints. Lupus is a Latin word for wolf, and its name comes from the appearance of a skin lesion that resembles a wolf bite. Lupus usually occurs in women at childbearing age.

In addition, there are multiple myositis caused by an inflammatory reaction to the muscles, dermatomyositis, and systemic sclerosis, which makes the skin hard.


This is arthritis where uric acid crystals accumulate in the joint, causing inflammatory reactions. It occurs mainly in middle-aged men. Drinking, overeating or stress are known factors that cause early gout, and mostly big toe gets suddenly swollen causing extreme pain. Moreover this can occur in ankle, knee or finger joints.

Behcet's disease

It is a disease characterized by repetitive oral ulcers and genital ulcers. It occurs more frequently in Asian countries, such as Korea, Japan, and Turkey. It is more common in women than men, and uveitis and joint pain symptoms can accompany.


Sjogren's syndrome, characterized by dry eyes and dry mouth, is caused by a decrease in production of tears and saliva due to affected tear glands and salivary glands by abnormal immune system. Treatment method depends on the severity of symptoms. In severe cases, steroids or immunosuppressive drugs may be needed.

Immune disease clinic

Rheumatoid immune disease clinic operates four clinics, which includes lupus clinic, early arthritis clinic, spinal arthritis clinic, and rare immune disease clinic. providing professional and specialized consultation.