Thoracic surgery is the field of surgical treatment of diseases related to the organs related to the chest, such as heart, lungs, esophagus, airway, rib cage and blood vessels. Gil Medical Center’s cardiac field has played a leading role in cardiac surgery in West region of Korea, as it has been successful in heart transplantation and heart-lung simultaneous transplantation since the 1970s. The success rate of heart surgery and long-term results are comparable to those of leading hospitals nationwide and abroad, and it is recognized as an excellent hospital in the field of thoracic surgery. In the field of lung and esophagus, excellent long-term and short-term results are accumulated by various surgical experience and data for serious diseases, such as pulmonary esophageal cancer as playing a leading role in Incheon area.

Adult Heart

Coronary artery disease: Myocardial infarction and angina are typical coronary artery diseases. Thoracic surgery improves ischemia and prevents sudden death by performing coronary artery bypass surgery using a bypass catheter collected from the body.

Valve disease: Heart valve is a structure that allows blood to flow in one direction. Heart valve disease is a problem with the opening and closing of the valve, and it is called stenosis when the valve does not open well, and it is called closed dysfunction (reflux) when the blood reflux because the valve does not close completely. In thoracic surgery, surgery is performed to shape the valve and correct it or replace it with an artificial valve to maintain the valve's function.

Heart failure: If heart function decreases due to various causes, it is called heart failure. Patients with end-stage heart failure who cannot be treated with drugs due to various causes of poor heart function will receive surgeries, including left ventricular reduction surgery, left ventricular ejection surgery, myocardial surgery, ventricular assist device or heart transplant.

Pediatric Heart

Congenital heart disease, which has a structural problem in the heart from birth, may need correction in the neonatal period, and may be selectively corrected after a certain period of growth. In thoracic surgery, the pediatric cardiology department will consult with thoracic surgery to determine the appropriate timing and surgical method.

Vascular Diseases

Various diseases can occur in the blood vessels that start from the heart and are connected to the whole body. In thoracic surgery, surgical treatment is performed for vascular diseases leading from the aortic disease to the limbs. First, the aorta is a large blood vessel that circulates blood from the heart to the whole body. Diseases include aortic detachment, which separates the inner and outer membranes of the aorta, and aortic aneurysms that becomes larger than normal, and narrowing aortic stenosis. For peripheral blood vessels, blood vessel replacement and bypass surgery are performed.

Critical Care Medicine

Patients in need of intensive care for heart or lung disease are hospitalized in the intensive care unit and treated. When various procedures are performed in the intensive care unit and cardiopulmonary function is required, an intra-aortic balloon pump or an extracorporeal circulation membrane oxygenation are operated.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the bronchi or lungs. Lung Cancer clinic boasts the nation's best treatment results through accumulated surgical experience and consultations with lung cancer related departments. In particular, video thoracoscopic surgery is applied in about 80% of patients, helping patients minimize pain and recover quickly. We are committed to become a lung cancer clinic that can give hope for lung cancer patients by playing a leading role in development of many studies and treatments for lung cancer.

Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the esophagus. Esophageal Cancer clinic boasts the best treatment performance in Korea through accumulated surgical experience and consultations with esophageal cancer-related medical departments. Minimally invasive surgery is applied to patients with esophageal cancer to help minimize pain and promote speedy recovery. We are committed to become an esophageal cancer clinic that can give hope for esophageal cancer patients by playing a leading role in the development and treatment of esophageal cancer.


Pneumothorax is a disease in which air in the pleural cavity fills up due to the rupture of a small bulla on the surface of the lung. Various symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or cough will appear, and the recurrence rate is high. Pneumothorax clinic is helping patients return to society quickly with prompt diagnosis and treatment, and aims to minimize scarring and pain and to recover quickly by applying video thoracoscopic surgery to all patients during surgery. Study of pneumothorax and the application of new treatments are challenging the recurrence rate of pneumothorax after surgery to stay as close as 0 %.

Other General Thoracic Diseases

Common thoracic diseases include a variety of areas including mediastinal disease, hyperhidrosis and rib cage deformities. We are performing safe and accurate surgery with accurate and rapid diagnosis for each disease.