The way of emergency medical care, department of emergency medicine that makes tomorrow

Emergency medicine is a study to treat all emergency patients more professionally, comprehensively and effectively. It saves the life of a patient and saves the patient's condition in the shortest time by carrying out professional and prompt emergency treatment to fix abnormality in the body due to acute disease or injury. It is an academic field that improves the success of treatment, surgery and rehabilitation by promoting recovery to normal or close condition, and conducts academic research related to it. It is responsible for establishing an organized and systematic emergency medical system to perform.

Gil Medical Center's Emergency Medicine Department was established in February 1992, and began training in the Department of Emergency Medicine. In 1999, Gil Hospital opened the first emergency medical center in Korea for the specialized care of emergency patients. Afterwards, emergency-only hospital rooms and emergency intensive care units were made in the emergency center to facilitate the smooth treatment of emergency patients. In 2013, the operation of Dr. Helicopter enabled patients in vulnerable areas to receive emergency medical services and significantly improved access to medical service for severely ill patients. With the opening of the Regional Trauma Center in 2014, professional treatment of severe trauma patients has become available.

Gil Medical Center Emergency Medical Center has a systematic system for professional care for emergency patients. When an emergency patient arrives, an experienced medical staff at triage identifies the symptoms and severity of the symptoms and moves the patient to an area where appropriate treatment is available.

In critically ill patients, emergency medicine specialists are available 24/7, so professional treatment is always possible, and decision making in the treatment process is made quickly. In particular, patients with severe trauma are transferred directly from triage to trauma center so that they can receive the treatment within a short time.

In case of mild patients, the Fast Track for prompt medical treatment is in operation, allowing quick medical treatment in the observation area.

Pediatric patients are provided with more stable medical treatment in an independent space within the pediatric emergency center.
In order to smoothly coordinate these processes, a program called "Smart ER" is being operated, and the patient's medical procedures are systematically monitored to ensure efficient treatment.

In addition, it plays a major role in planning and designing an organization for the construction of an emergency medical system, and is in charge of education and training of personnel involved in the treatment and transportation of emergency patients such as emergency medical technicians and emergency nurses. Emergency department is also in charge of the remote consultation business that communicates with medical staffs working at medical vulnerabilities and the operation of DMAT, which provides medical assistance in the event of a mass disaster.

Gil Medical Center's Emergency Medicine Department is always striving to have the most effective emergency medical system, where all emergency care is done professionally and systematically by the emergency medicine specialist.