In - Patients


1. Criteria for Admission

Patient must be referred by a doctor, after a medical assessment.

2. Admission Procedure

1) Patient will need to settle payment at the Admission Counter and fill out appropriate documentations for hospital admission.
2) Room Reservation: Patient will need to wait while the staffs or nurses reserve a room.
3) Once everything is finalized, patient is ready to be hospitalized into the room that has been previously reserved.

3. Things to bring for admission

Patient’s personal sanitary items such as sleeper, toothbrush, soap, tooth paste, tissues etc), slippers and other comfortable gear. Identification items such as passport and foreign registration cards and insurance cards.


1. Criteria for Discharge

Patient may only be discharged under the instructions of the doctor.

2. Discharging process and outpatient clinic explained

The ward nurse will explain the process of discharge and outpatient clinic, and they will also guide the patient to settle payment at the administration desk.

3. Payment and outpatient appointments

The patient can pay hospital fees at the administration desk, and receive discharging documents. Inpatient Discharge: Patients must pay total bill on the day of discharge.

4. Returning home

Once payment is settled, the patient may be discharged from the hospital. If medication is required, there are various pharmacies located conveniently around the hospital. For the closest pharmacy, please ask one of my kind nurses.